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Hi, I'm Pooja Thaleshwar


I am a change maker with over a decade’s experience in psychology, energy healing, coaching and entrepreneurship.

Through my own path of trauma and transformation I was led to combine my lifetime of personal experience, psychological concepts, energy healing and coaching expertise into bespoke programs which support people in transforming their self-worth and walking their soul’s path.

I am proud to have turned around the lives of countless women from all around the world. From the female entrepreneurs who constantly battle with self-doubt, fear of visibility, cultural expectations and judgement, to the 30 somethings who feel frustrated that they haven’t met the right life partner, to those struggling with their relationships or going through a painful breakup or divorce, to those who want to blast through their abundance blocks and have their time to shine, to those going through an identity crisis and who have no idea who they are or what they should be doing next.

Every client I’ve worked with has had their own unique set of challenges but their core desire is the same – they desperately want to transform their self-worth and create something different to what they’re currently experiencing. They’re fed up of feeling stuck, trying to figure it all out alone and they know it’s time to create REAL change.

With my perfect blend of experience, mystical insights and practical action steps, I ensure I tailor my sessions around each client’s specific wants, needs and goals. Every program I create is as unique as your fingerprint.

So, If you’re ready to let go of the emotions, fears and beliefs that are holding you back from fulfilling your absolute full potential and you’re ready to finally create a life which lights you up, it’s my job to help you with the ‘how’.

My Expertise

With over 10 years experience, i am an extremely qualified, intuitive, compassionate, and precise Transformation Coach. I hold accredited qualifications in a variety of modalities and blend my broad range of skills to quickly get to the heart of an issue and create crystal clear clarity which helps you to let go of fear & excuses, upscale your dreams and get real results.

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