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Confused & frustrated?

Blocked & Doubtful?

Fearful of failure?

Like an imposter?

Undeserving of success?

Lacking in focus?



If you’re a spiritual or creative female entrepreneur or you’re looking to unlock your purpose and start a new venture then i am here to personally support you.

I blend deep energy healing work with powerful coaching to stop old fears and beliefs from sabotaging your success.  The truth is, 80% of what is holding you back from being successful in your business is a result of your mindset. After all, you’re only as big as your beliefs allow you to be.

The longer you allow your limiting beliefs and self-sabotage to get in the way, the longer you hold yourself back from creating the business and lifestyle you desire. I am so passionate about what i do because i know that your personal transformation has the power to make a huge imprint on the world and i want to help you make it happen!

During our time together, we’ll do powerful healing work to release whatever is blocking your success and i’ll provide you with practical guidance and  tools so you have the confidence to rise up and make an impact.


Dimple Soni
Co-founder Babychinnos

I would whole heartedly recommend Pooja. She really helped me heal from a difficult time in my life. She also taught me to be mindful for the future and how to not let bad experiences cloud my judgement and carry these experiences forward. I didn't realise how these things were impacting my business and since our sessions i've noticed a huge difference in how i am showing up as a business owner. Thank you so much Pooja!.

Founder LL Photography

When I was first starting out in business I felt I needed something to give me a boost. Pooja was an enormous help with continuous light-bulb moments during every one of our sessions. I feel much stronger and more confident in what I do and offer, but more importantly in what I deserve. She is so easy to talk to and quickly gets to the root of an issue and provides practical tools and advice. It's no coincidence that since i started working with Pooja i've noticed huge results in my business. She is highly recommended.

Colleen Antoinette
Founder of Antoinette’s Élixirs

I would highly recommend Pooja! She is a highly intuitive healer & coach who has really helped me to clear some deep rooted beliefs that were holding me back in my business. After our sessions I feel much more at ease with myself & the world. I also have a new found confidence in my abilities & the courage to speak my truth! Pooja is amazing!.

Ankita Debray
Founder of Ankita Debray Makeup Artistry

I would highly reccommend Pooja! Pooja has helped me to find confidence in myself and my business. After our sessions I felt much more at ease with myself and the choices i was making. She is an amazing and empowering person who brings so much positivity to the sessions. Thank you for helping me to get out of my own way and helping me to believe in myself Pooja!.


Delivered over six months

Together we’ll map out your big business vision, and a path to getting there. I will uncover your mindset blocks, transform them with powerful energy work, coaching and hold you accountable with powerful inspired action so you can make an impact and create results in your business.

What you will gain

Clarity on your why and big vision
Ability to heal and transform old beliefs and blocks
Unshakeable self-belief, motivation & inner confidence
Overcome fear of failure, judgement & visibility
A clear plan for your business goals
Confidence to do what you’ve been dreaming of
Unlock your business intuition
Practical skills, tools and ongoing support


What you will achieve

Taking action alone means nothing if your energy is unaligned. Lasting change requires the perfect blend of both conscious and unconscious shifts. Together we’ll stop you from holding yourself back, release fears and blocks which don’t serve you and create the transformation you so desperately desire. The work we will do together is a complete rebirth on every level of your being.



Step 1-Book

Complete the online booking form

Step 2-Schedule

Schedule our 1-2-1 session

Step 3-Invitation

Discuss your challenges and map out a plan


Who do you coach?

I work with creative and spiritual female entrepreneurs from all over the world. They are ambitious and determined individuals who want to make a difference. I also work with those who are ready to discover their purpose and build a business around their passion..

How do you work?

I usually conduct sessions in-person (in London, UK) or via Skype/Facebook Video depending on where my clients are based. Each package is tailored to your lifestyle, but monthly coaching sessions typically range between 1-2 hours depending on frequency.

Can i benefit?

Everyone can benefit from working with a coach. Those that are stuck in a rut can become clearer about reaching new goals, and those who are already successful may achieve even more. What makes coaching with me unique is that i blend my years of coaching experience, energy healing and tools together to empower you to overcome whatever is holding you back so you can get results faster than if you tried to do it yourself.

What is your background?

  • BA (Hons) Global Marketing & Psychology
  • Certified Coaching and NLP Training with The Coaching Academy
  • Certified in Theta Healing, Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki & ENLP
  • Over 12 years Corporate Marketing, Entrepreneurial & Personal Development Experience