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My Journey

How i got here...


I spent years feeling lost, stuck and unhappy. I was consumed with negative thoughts about myself, struggled with my self-worth and never thought i was enough. As a result, i’d attract toxic relationships, avoid pursuing my goals and constantly doubted myself.

I stayed in situations longer than I should have, I allowed people to take advantage of my kindness. I was a people pleaser, i struggled with boundaries and i rarely ever felt loved or appreciated. 

Even though I desperately wanted change, deep down I felt like it wasn’t possible for me. I’d try quick fixes, read self-help books and go to seminars but no matter what i did, i always felt stuck somewhere in-between ‘there must be more to life’ and ‘what’s the point?’.

My lack of self-confidence controlled everything I did. Nobody around me ever noticed anything was wrong because i’d become great at masking how i felt but it was only when I hit rock bottom, tried to take my own life and fell into depression that I realised it was time to re-evaluate my choices and do things differently.

My depression was my bodies way of telling me that I’d been carrying my resentment, sadness and trying to live life on others terms for too long. Enough was enough!

Up until that point I’d spent years feeling like I was ‘broken’ and that i’d never be good enough. Going to therapy helped me to gain more self-awareness but it didn’t give me the tools and strategies that I needed to create change.

So, i spent the next few years of my life soul searching and studying everything I could about spirituality & human potential. I spent time travelling, meditating at Ashrams in the foothills of India, Spiritual retreats and qualified in Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Therapy and various energy healing modalities.

As a direct result of investing in myself and having the courage to take action to transform my energy & mindset I noticed incredible transformations take place in my life. I was no longer the insecure woman who moved through life feeling stuck and lost but instead a powerful being who now lives a life of joy, meaning and purpose.

So many women I meet are stuck in old stories about who they should be or how they should live their lives. These stories cause anxiety and fear and contribute to a low sense of self-worth and disconnection from ourselves. 

I know what it feels like to give your power away and not know where you fit in this world. True healing requires allowing ourselves to take responsibility for our lives and the way our story ends. The really great teachers show you the power you already have within yourself. This is, and will always be, my intention.

It is now my life’s purpose to help as many women as I can reclaim their power, heal their self-worth, gain inner strength and trust. To become their most empowered, aligned and authentic selves and I invite you to join me.

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