I work with women that want to overcome negativity and reclaim their self-worth. Everything is about you, and what you want to do, I am only here to guide you and support you on your journey.





My Story

From a young age, I’d always felt like the black sheep in my family. I was shy, scared to voice my opinions and sensitive. I continuously felt as though i failed my parent’s expectations, got racially abused for most of my teenage life and always felt compared to my older and more perfect siblings.

I never felt good enough, and as I evolved through my teens and early adult life, I escaped my feelings of low self-worth with addictions to partying, relationships and anything that would mask how bad I felt about myself.

When I reached my early-20’s, I crashed into depression and woke up on most days feeling empty and as though I didn’t want to exist. I was tired of trying to live up to other’s expectations, tired of running away from my emotions and tired of the same shitty situations playing out in my life.

I’d look at people’s lives around me, and it all seemed so simple for them, and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t the same for me. I knew I wanted more from life, but my constant feelings of worry, comparison and not feeling good enough were holding me back.

I wanted to become someone I could feel proud of and was fed up of the victim in me, I was fed up of life happening to me and was desperate to reclaim control.

What followed was reading dozens of books, attending personal development seminars, travelling the world learning wisdom from Shamans, Monks & spiritual leaders and getting certified qualifications in NLP, Coaching, Therapy, Energy healing & Theta Healing.

As I began to take action and implement what I learned, I noticed massive changes in my life. Things gradually transformed and the patterns, people & events from my past no longer defined who I was or what I could achieve. Over the course of 15 years, I’ve learned what works, how to build a life that makes me happy and most importantly, how to love who I am. I blend my skills of practical and mystical wisdom into a bespoke healing programme tailored to your specific challenges and it’s my mission to help you to create powerful healing results.