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Pricing & Packages

Discover what it means to love yourself

Whether you’re a warrior woman in the making, an entrepreneur who doubts their worth or you’re simply fed up of feeling stressed, anxious and like nothing works out for you, my self love sessions are designed to help you step into the most powerful, happy and loving version of yourself. If you want someone to laser in on your challenges and help you to heal & let go of the drama and frustration you currently feel then these sessions will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and confident in who you are!

One Off Session 45 mins via Skype
  • Get clarity on your stress, anxiety & worries
  • Let go of & heal negative thoughts & energy
  • Practical action steps to improve your happiness rating
Self Love Deep Dive 2 Hour Session via Skype
  • Release negative thoughts & feelings holding you back
  • Deep healing to remove stress, anxiety, fear & overwhelm
  • Support to move on from a breakup, bullying, work challenges, toxic relationships, self-hatred, lack of body confidence, financial struggles, difficult family ties or deep feelings of hopelessness
  • Personalised tools to increase your inner confidence & happiness
  • Action steps to improve your long-term self love goals
Ultimate Transformation 3 Months Coaching via Skype
  • Completely release anxiety, stress, fear & overwhelm
  • Let go of feeling lost, stuck and like nothing ever works out for you
  • Step out of toxic beliefs, feelings & rewrite old memories
  • Let go of people pleasing, comparison, chasing validation & not feeling good enough
  • Learn how to be assertive & set healthy boundaries 
  • Silence your inner bitch & fully accept who you are
  • Increase your inner confidence & step into your power 
  • Get clarity on your values & what you want to achieve
  • Manifest your goals & wishes
  • Discover what self love means with practical tools, support, daily action steps & meditations
  • Consists of 6 bi-weekly 60 min energy healing & coaching sessions, follow ups, email support for the duration of our sessions + personalised tools, techniques & meditations.
  • Payment plans are available