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Pricing & Packages

Become the woman you were always meant to be

Working with me as your Transformation Coach will be the most loving and powerful investment you will make for yourself. I will help you break free of the self-destructive patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you and guide you through a process to heal the past and allow a new experience of who you are to unfold.

One Off Session 45 mins via Skype
  • Get clarity on your stress, anxiety & worries
  • Let go of & heal negative thoughts & energy
  • Practical action steps to improve your happiness rating
Self Love Deep Dive 2 Hour Session via Skype
  • Release negative thoughts & feelings holding you back
  • Deep healing to remove stress, anxiety, fear & overwhelm
  • Support to move on from a breakup, bullying, work challenges, toxic relationships, self-hatred, lack of body confidence, financial struggles, difficult family ties or deep feelings of hopelessness
  • Personalised tools to increase your inner confidence & happiness
  • Action steps to improve your long-term self love goals
Ultimate Transformation 3 Months Coaching via Skype
  • Completely release anxiety, stress, fear & overwhelm
  • Let go of feeling lost, stuck and like nothing ever works out for you
  • Step out of toxic beliefs, feelings & rewrite old memories
  • Let go of people pleasing, comparison, chasing validation & not feeling good enough
  • Learn how to be assertive & set healthy boundaries 
  • Silence your inner bitch & fully accept who you are
  • Increase your inner confidence & step into your power 
  • Get clarity on your values & what you want to achieve
  • Manifest your goals & wishes
  • Discover what self love means with practical tools, support, daily action steps & meditations
  • Consists of 6 bi-weekly 60 min energy healing & coaching sessions, follow ups, email support for the duration of our sessions + personalised tools, techniques & meditations.
  • Payment plans are available