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Feeling lost & stuck?

Struggling with low self-worth?

Navigating a life transition?

Feeling fearful & off balance?

Lacking clarity & direction?

Sick of self-sabotaging?

Feeling held back by the past?



People work with me because they feel frustrated with the direction their life is going in and don’t know how to move beyond whats blocking them from happiness. It’s my job to help them to increase their self-worth, release old patterns, get clarity on what they want and help them to build the courage, clarity & confidence to move forwards.

Maybe you’ve tried counselling but didn’t get the results you were hoping for, maybe you’ve gone to seminars, tried online courses or read books but still feel un-sure of how to apply the knowledge to your life or maybe you’re just sick of feeling broken and want to create tangible results.

I may not know your story but I do know this: if you’re looking to create massive change in your life, my powerful blend of belief work, energy healing and coaching will help you to stop your outdated fears, beliefs and self-sabotaging habits from holding you back.

During our time together, we’ll dig deep to get to the bottom of whatever obstacle is standing in your way and dramatically transform your reality.


Natalie Campbell

It’s hard to put in to words the gratitude I have for working with Pooja, clearing some pain and trauma that I have stored in my heart and body in general. An emotional and amazing experience that truly made me transcend into a better space. Pooja’s manner and professionalism, along with her expertise, and wonderful soul make her an incredible teacher, guide and healer. Cannot recommend this beautiful soul enough.

Rakhee Trikam
Consulting Director

I have worked with Pooja on several occasions and she is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is very intuitive and uses several healing modalities which definitely helped clear many of my beliefs related to moving forward and next steps. She is very personable and makes you feel at ease immediately! Pooja is a beautiful soul and a great energy healer & coach. Thanks Pooja, you have been a big part of my self discovery journey x.

Katie Stevens
Social Worker

Pooja created a safe space for me to explore things that have been hidden away for some time! She was professional, kind and patient. Its helped me to understand what has been blocking me, or what I've been doing to block myself, and I now feel more open to love. You are on your right path Pooja, thank you for shifting me back to mine. 100% recommended.

Rena Ramani

Pooja is amazing at what she does, true master! The sessions I had were so amazing.
Pooja has an incredible way to connect and just lets you be your real self, talking through things you may never say or deal with. I am so grateful for the tears, laughter and transformations.



Stand alone sessions & 3 month Packages

Together we’ll work through any area of life you aren’t totally happy with. Whether it’s your self-worth, your relationships, abundance blocks, discovering your purpose or transforming your business with mindset work. We’ll give your beliefs, energy & emotions a total overhaul. If you’re serious about wanting a different life, a different way of thinking & to turn your wishes into reality then you’re in the right place.

As a result of our inner work you will:

Gain clarity, a deeper sense of self & get unstuck
Transform your self-worth and build unstoppable inner confidence
Let go of toxic thoughts, emotions & triggers
Release outdated fears, habits & self-sabotage
Unhook from ancestral hooks, vows & oaths
Eliminate abundance blocks and up level your manifestation game
Unlock your intuition and learn how to trust yourself
Let go of self-doubt & not feeling good enough
Release fear & anxiety and find your zen
Energy Healing, Coaching, personalised tools and ongoing support

What you will achieve

Whatever you want to manifest, i’m here to help you create it. Expect miraculous transformations and unlimited amounts of self-love.


Step 1-Book

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Step 2-Schedule

Schedule our 1-2-1 session

Step 3-Invitation

Discuss your challenges and map out a plan


Who do you coach?

I work with women from all over the world who desire to let go of fear and live a life they dream of – one that reflects who they truly are – and who want to experience their absolute full potential.

How do you work?

I usually conduct sessions in-person (in London, UK) or via Skype/Facebook Video depending on where my clients are based. Each package is tailored to your lifestyle, but monthly coaching sessions typically range between 1-2 hours depending on frequency.

Can i benefit?

Everyone can benefit from investing in themselves, in-fact the most successful people usually have. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and need 1-2-1 support, guidance and accountability then my unique blend of countless years of coaching experience, energy healing and tools will empower you to overcome whatever is holding you back so you can get the results faster than if you tried to do it yourself.

What is your background?

  • BA (Hons) Global Marketing & Psychology
  • Certified Coaching and NLP Training with The Coaching Academy
  • Certified in Theta Healing (Energy Editing), Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki & ENLP
  • Over 12 years Corporate Marketing, Entrepreneurial & Personal Development Experience